Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

At Aquagem Environment, we specialise in innovative and environmentally sound wastewater treatment plant design. We have a team of highly qualified engineering experts with extensive experience working with industry and government across the Asia-Pacific region.

We have the in-house expertise and capabilities to design industrial wastewater treatment plants to specifically suit the requirements of industry, government or the community.

We have experience working with a range of wastewater facility applications including sewage treatment, industrial and commercial wastewater processing, municipal water and desalination plants, stormwater treatment, recycled water treatment and more.    

We have successfully researched and implemented an innovative treatment we call Bio-R-Tek process that uses natural, non-genetically modified microbes to break down organic solids, removing the need for sludge clarifiers or flotation and sludge dewatering equipment. The process uses up to 90% less electricity than other methods, eliminates odours and produces only clean water and usable biogas.

Our wastewater treatment systems are designed to minimise CAPEX and OPEX, while complying with all environmental and legal guidelines and requirements. Our systems are designed for longevity, efficiency, ease of maintenance and minimal energy usage.   

Besides plant and infrastructure design and wastewater treatment process design, we can provide a range of additional wastewater design, consulting and auditing services. These include feasibility studies, financial analysis, environmental impact assessment, legal compliance, ISO auditing and capacity building measures. We also offer consulting services for solid waste management (such as landfills), waste to energy and waste transfer stations.

Drawing on our wide experience across regions, we can even package business and development processes for environmental consulting firms in water infrastructure and waste management and offer consultancy franchising for professionals such as engineers and other specialists.

We support environmental, water and waste policy developments and incorporate all best practices into our plant and process designs.

For more information about our wastewater treatment process and plant designs and other services, give us a call today on 0408874344 or contact us online.