Sewage Treatment Plant Design

Sewage Treatment Plant Design

At Aquagem Environment, we specialise in innovative and environmentally sound sewage water treatment plant design. We have extensive experience working on major water treatment projects with industry and government across the Asia-Pacific region.

We can provide complete sewage treatment plant design and engineering, as well as comprehensive auditing and environmental and engineering consulting. Our plant designs deliver minimal CAPEX and OPEX and are powered by the breakthrough Bio-R-Tek technology.

The Bio-R-Tek process uses natural, non-genetically modified microbes to break down organic solids, removing the need for sludge clarifiers or flotation and sludge dewatering equipment. The process uses up to 90% less electricity than other methods, eliminates odours and produces only clean water and gas.

The result is a simple and robust sewage water treatment plant design that minimises implementation and operating costs and ensures environmental compliance.

Besides sewerage treatment plant design, we also provide comprehensive sewage treatment auditing and consulting. Our expert team can ensure that plant and processes meet all environmental and effluent management guidelines and adhere to the relevant international standards. We can also determine whether the plant is running effectively and at peak efficiency.

We can organise all the legal compliance requirements such as Environment Protection Act 2017, Mineral Resources Sustainable Development Act (MRSDA), Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG), Wildlife Act and the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity and Conservation Act (EPBC). We also conduct and review site soil assessments, construction environment management plans (CEMP) and Site Environment Improvement Plan (SEIP). We can also do extend these services of legal environmental compliance to overseas, mostly environmental impact assessments.

Drawing on our significant experience providing sewage treatment design, consulting and auditing across the Asia-Pacific, we can provide a complete range of services. These include plant and infrastructure design, operations and management, ISO auditing, feasibility studies, environmental review and impact assessment, regulatory compliance and approval and documentation preparation.   

For more information about our sewage treatment plant designs and other services, give us a call today on 0408874344 or contact us online.