Onsite Wastewater Management

Onsite Wastewater Management

Onsite wastewater management systems, also known as septic tanks, are commonly used on residential, community and business premises. These systems treat and recycle or dispose of:

  • Greywater (from kitchens, bathrooms, laundries etc.)
  • Blackwater (toilet waste from water flush, incineration or dry composting systems)
  • Sewage (combined greywater and blackwater)

At Aquagem Environment, we provide a full suite of wastewater management services. We can design onsite wastewater management systems, assess existing systems for efficiency and environmental compliance, analyse wastewater and recommend and design treatment processes, provide system audits against international and Australian Standards.

We can make sure your system can appropriately handle your onsite wastewater capacity, is using the optimal treatment methods to minimise waste and is getting maximum efficiency and hygienic output from re-use systems. We can also test and analyse the treated water to determine the quality and the appropriate end use.   

We provide expert site assessment and soil testing and advise on system selection and design and sustainable management in sewered and unsewered areas.  

Our expert team of consultants and auditors can also assess existing systems to ensure they meet all EPA requirements and Australian Standards and comply with all relevant council, state and federal guidelines.

The Aquagem team has extensive experience designing onsite wastewater management systems for industry, government and community across the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information about our hazardous waste management services, give us a call today on 0408874344 or contact us online.