Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance - Better Approvals Faster

Under Legal compliance, the following services are expertise of Aquagem Environment: EPA Works Approval and Licenses, Emergency and Commissioning Approvals (Sec 30A), Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW) Classification, Permits and Transport Certificate, Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) for re-use of reclaimed water and biosolids application and other countries compliance obligations.

Works Approval

Works Approval and Licenses

Aquagem Environment consultants includes former EPA environmental impact assessment engineers and scientists who are knowledgeable of the expectations of EPA when applying for works approvals and EPA licenses. Aquagem Environment assures hazzles-free applications and delivery of fit-for-purpose approvals beyond the traditional and less-innovative approaches. Aquagem have experts in water, waste, air emissions and modelling, water balance and land capability assessment, noise and resource use and energy consumptions to support WA applications.

Emergency and Commissioning Approvals
(Sec 30A)

Aquagem Environment consultants are one of the bests in assessment and justifications for emergency approvals pursuant to section 30A of the Environment Protection Act. Aquagem environment will always ensure that the emergency discharge, storage or treatment does not have long term interference to the beneficial use of the environment.

It can also assist in applications for commissioning approvals subsequent to Works Approvals and Licences.

Prescribed Industrial

Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW) Classifications, Permits and Transport Certificates

Aquagem Environment consultants have assessed and justified hundreds of PIW reclassification applications pursuant to Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009. Its capability includes Site Soil Assessment and contaminated environment strategies.

Aquagem also facilitates applications for vehicle permits, transport certificates, Secondary Beneficial Re-use and provide advise on strategy for landfills and waste management facilities.

Aquagem Environment can also assist in Financial Assurance quantum calculations.

Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) for re-use of reclaimed water and biosolids applications

Environment Improvement Plans (EIP) for Sewage and Industrial Wastewater re-use and use of biosolids are required to comply with exemptions of securing Works Approval and Licenses pursuant to Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises and Exemptions) Regulations 2007.

Aquagem Environment consultants prepare EIP with simpler template than the voluminous EIP for ease of assessment and determination of compliance by applicants and the EPA.

Aquagem Environment’s strategy in EIP is towards helping wastewater and biosolids generators to be self-regulated through a Regional EIP.